Regula Qureshi, Discussant

Session 6, Saturday 14th, 10:50-12:20 pm
Location: University of Alberta, Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, Room 1-140


Regula Burckhardt Qureshi, FRSC, is Professor Emeritus of Music and Director of the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta. Anthropologist by training, she is also a cellist and sarangi player who explores the role of music as expressive culture and social action. She has published widely on Indian Music, Muslim culture, and diasporic musical practices. Her books include Sufi Music in India and Pakistan: Sound, Context and Meaning in Qawwali), the co-edited volumes Muslim Society in North America and Muslims Families in North America, Music and Marx: Ideas, Practice, Politics, and Master Musicians of India: Hindustani Sarangi Players Speak. At the University of Alberta, she built an ethnomusicology Archive and Website: South Asian Music in Canada: Heritage Adaptation, Transformation. Her critical engagement with gender extends from the co-edited Voices of Women: Essays in Honor of Violet Archer to the book project Female Agency and Patrilineal Constraints: Situating Courtesans in 20th Century India, and an edited volume in progress: Women Performers as Agent of Change: Perspectives from India. A translation of Ma’dan -ul-Musiqi, seminal 19th century Urdu treatise on Indian Music, is forthcoming.

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